How Much Should You De-Personalize Your Home When Selling?

I’ve read and heard many opinions on how to set up a home for sale.  Declutter, neutralize paint and wallpaper, etc.  These are all important in making sure your home looks “show ready”.  But to what degree should you  neutralize your home?   What about personal items such as family photos, college degrees, posters, etc?

There are many opinions on what a seller should do.  Certainly the safe play is to remove everything that might offend any possible buyer (religious decor, political photos or letters, sports memorbilia and team related items) etc.

And, while family photos will most likely not offend anyone, removing them allows the buyers to visualize their items in the house more easily.

In the end, your goal is to sell your house.  Keep things clean, organized and inviting and you should see the result you want.