Home Buyer Tip #5-Buy or Sell First

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These tips answer many common home buyer questions.  They apply to whether your buying a high rise condo in Atlanta, a townhome in Smyrna or a single family home in Marietta or anywhere in Georgia.


The classic dilemma for many homeowners is whether to buy or sell first.

There is no “right” answer. It depends on your specific circumstances and finances.

Most homeowners agree that it’s more prudent and less stressful if you sell your existing home before you buy a new one. However, if a great buying opportunity presents itself, you might consider buying first.  Then, you can be more aggressive in selling your current home knowing you have already secured a good deal on the buying side.

If you sell your current home first but haven’t found the right new home, you may need to rent for a period of time until you find the right home.  Having cash in hand is always an advantage and may allow you to negotiate better terms since you are now waiting for your other home to sell.  No one wants to move twice but sometimes it can have an advantage.

If you currently own a home, I would be happy to provide you with a current market valuation so you know what your home is worth today. I can provide you with a precise valuation by briefly visiting your home.

Please call or email me when you’re ready to discuss your options or if you would like a valuation of your current home. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can answer any questions.


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