Attention Home Sellers: Use This Staging Technique To Neutralize Personal Photos

In today’s competitive housing market, making your home for sale standout is critical.  Every home has it’s own set of features and challenges.  Some of these challenges can not be overcome directly (size of rooms, lot location, school district) while others require just a little bit of creativity and perspective.

As a buyer’s and listing agent, I am constantly reading other real estate blogs and websites looking for new ways to make my client’s experience better.  I cam across a blog post by a stage who suggested a creative way to remove the distraction of family photos without necessarily having to strip the walls bare. Staging a home is so important because you need to accentuate the positive features of your home and minimize any distractions that might cause the buyer to move on.

Personally, I like to see some family photos in a house.  It gives me a sense that the home was “loved” and is a special place.  I want my clients to see that the house can be that new “special” place for them too.  However, a few tasteful photos in nice frames is one thing that can make home feel “homey”.  Covering the walls with pictures from every life event over the last thirty years in a mish-mash of dated picture frames is another thing.  And, everyone reading this knows what I mean!

So without further ado, I have provided a link to the blog post offering this creative technique.  It might not be right for every home but it is a simple and cost effective way of removing this distraction.  And, once you sell your home and move into your new house, your free to put those pictures back up on your wall!

Click here to read the post.

What are your thoughts about this staging technique?  How important do you think staging is to sell a home? Please post a comment below.

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